About us

We are a Team of innovation, speed and capability to help you realize your innovation on new product development with very short time to market. We provide processional services to mid-sized product development companies.

David Hsu: david@sankage.com

  • President, Sankage Electronics.
  • Director of the board, Vice President, ColorStars Group
  • Senior Director, Plant Manager, Compal Communication
  • Engineering Manager, R&D Mechanical Supporting Manager, Compal
  • Mobile Phone +86-180-1378-1717 (China), +886-935-175-023 (Taiwan)
  • Skype: skype2dave
  • Wechat:dave00hsu01

Kage Chen: kage@sankage.com

  • Vice President, Sankage Electronics
  • Engineering Director, P-two Electronic Technology
  • Mechanical Lead Designer, Compal Electronics
  • mobile phone: +86-18915762286
  • wechat: kage564887

Rengene Wang: rj.wang@sankage.com

  • Sales Manager, Sankage Electonics
  • QA Manager, Sankage Electronics
  • Senior QA Engineer, P-two Electronics
  • mobile phone: +86-13771970290
  • wechat: wxid_1cyg1e84dnu922